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Mountain State Harley-Davidson® History

Harley-Davidson® had a consolidated revenue of about $5.7 billion last year. The increase of dealerships around the country including Harley dealerships near Delbarton, WV has provided a significant contribution to the company’s overall performance despite its slow sales performance compared to the previous years.  

The namesake does not just come from one man but comes from the culmination of names from its founders. William S. Harley and Brothers William, Walter, and Arthur Davidson set up a small motorcycle company 1903 and were one of the many small motorcycle makers springing out during that era. The company first sold an air-cooled V-twin engine motorcycle which started what we now have as a “cultural revolution.”

How Many Dealerships Does Harley-Davidson® Have In The US?

According to national statistics, Harley-Davidson has over 698 dealerships around the country. This accounts for almost 47% of dealerships around the world. Considering that Harley-Davidson is an all-American brand, the fact still rings true that most Americans prefer this brand compared to other motorcycles in the market.

Harleys are not only highly performing, but they also provide a sound aesthetics that lasts for ages. Most of the earlier models have been synonymous to luxury, and the brand prides itself for becoming the longest-lasting top rated motorcycle manufacturer in the United States. It was at the early start of the 20th century when Harley-Davidson started producing motorcycles.

Is Harley-Davidson Open For Franchising?

Harley-Davidson is not a franchising company, but an auto dealership and partnership company. This means that owners of a dealership have the freedom to operate their business and independently run its operations. This is in provison with the set standards by the Harley-Davidson Company and by the guidelines imposed.

Generally, the company review applications sent to them and you must pass the needed business experience. Your financial capacity and geographic location of your dealership are also reviewed before approval. Rigorous inspection is done including your liquid assets which should have a liquid asset minimum of $600,000 and net worth of $1 million.

Are There Good Harley-Davidson Dealerships In The Mid Atlantic States?

There are several Harley-Davidson dealerships spread across the Southern states, each with their own set of values and customer relationship branding. Most of the concentration is within West Virginia within the hollows of Hatfield & McCoy Country and close to the nation’s Capital. If you are looking for a reliable one, it is best to get recommendations from your trusted friends or search the internet for online reviews.

Owning a Harley-Davidson, whether brand new or pre-owned, is a substantial investment that will provide you with excellent serviceability. Not only is the brand known for its unique design and performance power, but the brand has been tried and tested to last for long years.

If you are seeking for top-quality services from a Harley dealership near Delbarton, WV, Mountain State H-D offers the best. When purchasing a top brand, look for a partner who can guarantee to provide what you need. Call Mountain State H-D® now!