What’s The Difference Between OEM And Genuine Harley Davidson Parts?

01 June 2019

If you are looking in Mountain State Harley-Davidson parts, it might help to look for a licensed supplier who can provide you with quality and trusted authentic and EOM parts. Dealerships with a wide range of products and services will help you get the best parts and accessories for any Harley Davidson model including the Softail, Touring, Dyna, and Sportster.

Though the difference between the two may be hard to tell, what sets a genuine part from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the absence of the bike manufacturer’s logo. An OEM Harley-Davidson part is created by a partner company such as those shipped from overseas but are nonetheless the same as the original. They are generally sold in generic boxes instead of an excellent retail packaging with the brand and company logo.

Compared to an authentic Harley-Davidson part, an OEM accessory and spare part are less expensive. This is because they are packaged to be distributed by the same companies who build the system and in this case, the giant motorbike manufacturer. An OEM spare part is, therefore, made by the same manufacturer whose product is meant to be sold to Harley Davidson. 

Are Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Parts Better?

Unlike a genuine or OEM part, aftermarket Harley-Davidson parts and accessories are manufactured at high volumes. They are made to fit various types of models and without about a specific series or specifications. Similar to an OEM component, an aftermarket part is made by a different company other than the bike manufacturer themselves. They have the same qualities as an OEM part including their likeness and kind.

If you are looking for a quality investment for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it might not be fitting to go for an aftermarket part because they are made by a third party company and may not be suited for your bike model. But on the flipside, they are much cheaper than an authentic Harley-Davidson part or an OEM.

Which Harley-Davidson Parts Offer The Best Quality?

This generally comes down you’re your personal preferences. But if you are keen on your expense, the best Harley-Davidson part are the OEMs because they come directly from the company’s partnering manufacturer. Most people who own a Harley are not concerned about the parts they purchase.

But if you are an avid Harley-Davidson fan and wants to keep its authenticity, you might want to get authentic parts purchased from the motorbike manufacturer. These parts frequently come in fitted and do not require compatibility concerns. Unlike an aftermarket or OEM part where you have to determine the make and model to know if the part fits, an authentic Harley-Davidson part is straight-out from the package installation ready.

Are OEM Parts Covered By Insurance Providers During Repair?

It is safe to assume that most insurance providers will not cover an OEM part during repair because they are not as cheap as an aftermarket Harley-Davidson part. But if you want to check this out, it is best to get in touch with Mountain State HD Dealership or your insurance provider.

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